The Farmers market is held once a month , (see when in sidebar), in the main street of West Malling. It has been going since the Romans appeared to be sold organic woad to, and now hosts a great array of farm produced meats, fruit, vegetables and cheeses, as well as artisan made breads, cakes, and extremely tasty designer stuff.

More than this, it is a great day out. Come and check out the market, put the shopping in the car, (in the free car park), and enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch in one of several rated pubs and restaurants.
After lunch why not have a stroll through the fantastic Manor Park which is wild enough to be real countryside, but OK enough not to need special equipment or rescue flares, (from those pesky cows, y’know). Bring the dog: he’ll love you forever.

It’s a fab day out, and as Farmer Joe says, “the best fun with yer clothes on in all Kent”

2024 Dates of West Malling Farmers Market :

A * beside the date means that month is a 5 Sunday month – West Malling Farmers Market takes place on the 4th Sunday not the last Sunday of the month

* Sunday 28 January

* Sunday 25 February

* Sunday 24 March *

* Sunday 28 April

* Sunday 26 May

* Sunday 23 June *

* Sunday 28 July

* Sunday 25 August

* Sunday 22 September *

* Sunday 27 October

* Sunday 24 November

* Sunday 22 December *